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Audio Visual Systems

We are experienced in the construction of aesthetically pleasing audiovisual systems with an output of bleeding edge. Systems that not only optimize your meeting room but will never stop entertaining you and your customers alike. Here at Tavio we are dedicated to high-quality audiovisual installation, offering a standard of expertise and professionalism second to none.

Intelligient Transportation Systems

Technology advances provide the potential for road authorities around the world to change their way of managing and running their highway networks. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a combination of state-of - the-art information and communication technologies used in transport and traffic management systems to improve transportation network safety, efficiency and sustainability, reduce traffic congestion and enhance driver experiences. There's endless possibilities.

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Security Systems

As a world-class firm providing custom-made security solutions to businesses and public sector organizations worldwide. We are an organization operating at both local & International level and dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to all of our clients. Our strength lies in our dependability and assurance to client service..

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Smart Cities Solutions

Population migration to urban areas has brought new problems each city brings with it. This could include growing noise, infrastructure shortages, resource shortages, and many other concerns. Tavio can help address these challenges through its creative services through delivering IT solutions that allow different agencies to work together and effectively by allowing better and faster decision-making capabilities, resulting in a very high quality of life for their people.

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Telecommunicatio Solutions

Tavio seeks to provide communications platforms that can help deliver products that generate new revenue sources, improve business operations to achieve excellence in product and service, and develop smarter networks.
While setting up the proven experience and in-depth industry knowledge of a Tavio Telecom Network, it will play a key role in providing outstanding telecom solutions and business communication services across the Middle East and Africa. .

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Systems Integration

Our System Integration Engineering team offers a wealth of vendor independent expertise from a variety of industries, systems and technologies located in Dubai, UAE. They are system integrators who are dedicated to delivering the best technical solution and customer service throughout the entire life cycle of your system. Our knowledge ranges from standalone applications for PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems to networked devices with a distributed SCADA system. And with decades of experience in industrial automation, we can deliver the control you strive for. .

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Specializing in the Technology & Systems Integration of fully integrated systems across audiovisual, home automation, security, data communication networks, lighting and environmental control, Tavio is intelligent to provide a complete system lifetime service that ensures it brings on all its clients' specifications and rests at the front of a growing industry.

Innovating Technology Solutions for Your Business


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