Command & Control Centers

Dynamic & Secure Control Rooms

Built for 24/7 monitoring

Mineral Dynamics solutions are designed for 24/7 environments such as emergency centers, crisis management rooms, and operations centers. With a consistent system architecture and around-the-clock support, our Dynamic control rooms let you focus on solving critical challenges, enable more powerful decision-making and improve supreme situational awareness.

Designed for solving complex problems

Decision-making tools and data analytics software are becoming increasingly more visual, and as a consequence, more surface is required to display and interact with the tools and the data. Real-time insights and the ability to take action quickly is the reality of any control room. As operations centers often serve as a day to day workspace for multi-functional teams, in addition to incident management facilities, these spaces need to be designed for multipurpose activities. It is critical to be able to rapidly convert a room to serve a specific cause during a limited timeframe.