Audio & Visual Systems

We are experienced in the construction of esthetically pleasing audio visual systems with output of bleeding edge. Systems that not only optimize your meeting room, but will never stop entertaining you and your customers alike. Here at Tavio we are dedicated to high-quality audio visual installation, offering a standard of expertise and professionalism second to none.

Understanding Perfection

Every atmosphere of the office is unique. We therefore aim to work as closely as possible with all our customers to ensure that every aspect is taken into account. Our highly skilled team of forward thinking experts will design and build the organization's perfect personalized solution. We know that with all the new technological advances it can be difficult to keep up to date, which is why all our systems have been rendered as user-friendly as possible. We also understand that it can be a daunting task to determine which system is right for your needs, so as a completely independent entity, we take it upon ourselves to give you a trusted and unbiased opinion.

State of The Art Technology

Presentations are an integral part of any good strategy for company. Whether you are talking to customers, peers or the public, it does not matter, it is important that your company has the resources necessary to create and execute the best presentations possible. When technology has evolved more, so is our way of presenting it. As the ultimate advanced presentation tool, SMART touch screen technology can be installed in your offices. Through communicating directly from a SMART screen, Tavio Technology can provide you with the ability to enhance your presentations through the power of interactivity, allowing you to create, edit and refine your presentations effortlessly.